Dorm Tour (Alder Hall UW)

I highly recommend living in the dorms for at least one year because it is a wonderful experience. I made great new friends and would’ve missed all my classes if I had commuted (oversleeping is my biggest weakness). My roommate and I shared a double in Alder Hall on West Campus.

West Campus Recommendations:

  • Maple (2 kitchen on every floor, Area 01, lots of study rooms)
  • Lander (Local Point, mail, help desk)
  • Elm (Gym, Dance Studios. next to bus stop going towards Downtown)
  • Poplar (Crafts, next to 67-going to Trader Joe’s, near transportation services)
  • Terry (Haven’t been inside but heard it’s quiet)

Below are some pictures of my room but feel free to ask questions.


  • Between District Market and Local Point (foods!!!)
  • Next to the Bus Stop (372,65,75,49,70)
  • 3 study rooms and 2 lounges on each floor
  • Theater and huge meeting rooms on 1st floor


  • 1 kitchen for 7 floors (Same problem in Elm and Poplar)
  • No parking spaces (annoying for visitors/ moving)

Our room

My side of the room

Roomie’s side

Fridge & Tea


Utensil & Games 







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