Don’t be CLUE-less


The picture above perfectly described me throughout Winter Quarter. I thought I knew what I was doing but I had been studying blindly.

People. Seriously take advantage of your resources.

Go to the UW CLUE Center. They have tutoring but I highly recommend going to the study session for your class. For Psych 202, I was constantly scoring below average for my midterms. Every time I saw my test score, I felt my confidence drop to the ground. I seriously thought that I wasn’t cut out for the class or even UW.

Something needed to change. So, I decided that I needed to change how I study. Instead of trying to squeeze the textbook into my head, I went to clue sessions and finished the worksheets. Many of the questions from the worksheet were on the actual midterm. The professors have the students’ best interest in mind and they try their best to give us the tools we need to success. USE IT.


One thought on “Don’t be CLUE-less

  1. Thoa's biggest fan! says:

    This is really great advice, I’ll have to try it next quarter! Don’t lose confidence though, remember that you know more than you realize!

    ~your biggest fan


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