Confessions of a procrastinator

I’ll write this tomorrow.

Just Kidding.


I do realize that I have a huge procrastination problem whenever I have deadlines and exams.

For the productive people out there: You go glen coco!

For the other procrastinators: Read, laugh,, but learn from my guilty actions.

  1. In my statistic class, I waited till the LAST DAY to turn in my final assignment. It was a 3 month project that I barely finished in 2 all-nighters. It was horrible written and all the calculations were a mess. When I went to print it the morning of the due date, the printer was broken. I had to run across campus and back to the math building to print.  I felt like I was in a survival movie. 10/10 would not recommend.
  2. I waited till AN HOUR before an important essay was due to start. I thought that I was skilled enough because I always made deadlines. Turns out that assignment was the beginning of a late assignment black hole of despair. Do not overestimate your abilities.
  3. I put off coding for my computer science class and went into the midterm completely confused. It was quite a site watching me try to make up random incomprehensible lines of code. I actually really cared about the class but I let procrastination get the best of me. To make matters worst, I spend several weeks worrying about studying without studying! Sometime, just starting can end the procrastination spiral.

I have more examples, but I want to end on a good note. Next quarter, I will strive to be on top of all my class and report my progress on the blog.


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a procrastinator

  1. Thoa's biggest fan! says:

    Three posts in one day!! I love reading your blog keep up the good work!!! All your fans love your content and want more!

    your biggest fan


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