Five Studying Tools


Planners are a great tool to keep track of homework and exams. I have been using them for more than 10 school years and I believe they are useful if used consistently. One of the most common mistake when using a planner is planning too much. Only write down what you can achieve that day so that you are not overwhelm by stress. There are many different style of planners in store and online. If you already have a planner or enjoy planning then I recommend shifting to a bullet journal. It gives me total organization control and an creative outlet.

The journal I use.

Organized Notes.

I appreciate pretty notes and it motivates me to actually look back and review them. The strategy I use is a simplified Cornell notes. I divide the page into 2 section (one small for the topic, one larger for the notes). This makes it easier to go back to the topic I want to study. I also like color coding. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF HIGHLIGHTING EVERYTHING.

Seriously. Don’t fall into that trap.

Invest in nice highlighters and pen to mark key terms and color your visual diagrams.

Awesome pens


Active recalling of information will change your memorization game. Use an app or note cards to review.


Practice, practice, practice. With science and math topics, the only strategy that has actually worked for me is practicing. There is no magic formula to get all the information inside your head. Trust me. I’ve tried sleeping with my notebook under my pillow– when that obviously did not work I went was low was praying to the snow god to cancel my midterms. (This worked ONCE so maybe I  do have special powers…but you probably don’t so get to work!)



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