Creative Gifts

I like gifting presents and creating projects. Many of my creations are presents for my boyfriend but I wanted to share some to spark ideas for others. The first one I want to share is a framed computer part with a punny quote. (For our 5 years anniversary).


I initially wanted to frame a computer patent because he’s a computer science major but didn’t like any of the ones I found and it didn’t seem personal enough.

I knew I wanted to incorporate keyboard keys because I had an old broken keyboard laying around. So in the end, I combined the computer part idea and used keys for the quote.

I like to believe I am funny and good at making puns. Here are some of my rejected idea:

  • “You’re always on my Ram” (get it? mind–> memory–> ram!…it was scratched off because my sister said it sounded sexual)

  • “You’re aMOUSING” (I was seriously going to frame a computer mouse)

  • “You java me crazy” (Confused? Me too.)

* Tips if you pursue this project.

  1. Use a HOT GLUE gun! I didn’t and ended having to press each key down for 10 minutes and it still fell apart.
  2. Google the background and print in black/white. It makes it look cooler plus save money.



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