I am probably the most indecisive person ever when it comes to picking a major.

I’ve literally tried everything! Pre-med, nursing, pharmacy, business, engineering, art, design and even CS.  All my friends seemed to have their life figured out and were interning at a big company or working on amazing projects. Everyone I talked to seemed to have a passion while I felt “meh” about every topic. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely tried to like my classes and received good grades in them but I just didn’t feel a spark. My parents were the total opposite of “tiger parents” so I had total control over what I wanted to study–though sometime I wished somebody would just decide for me. If anyone is feeling lost right now, its completely okay. TRUST ME.

After a few quarters at the University of Washington, I am getting a better picture of what I want to pursue. I am currently studying Finance and Information Systems and going to apply for Human Centered Design and Engineering / Informatics in the Spring. I chose those topics after taking their intro classes and talking to friends in those majors. I do not think I am super talented or smart (maybe a bit crazy) but I will try my best to earn a dual degree. 😀



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