Dorm Tour (Alder Hall UW)

I highly recommend living in the dorms for at least one year because it is a wonderful experience. I made great new friends and would’ve missed all my classes if I had commuted (oversleeping is my biggest weakness). My roommate and I shared a double in Alder Hall on West Campus.

West Campus Recommendations:

  • Maple (2 kitchen on every floor, Area 01, lots of study rooms)
  • Lander (Local Point, mail, help desk)
  • Elm (Gym, Dance Studios. next to bus stop going towards Downtown)
  • Poplar (Crafts, next to 67-going to Trader Joe’s, near transportation services)
  • Terry (Haven’t been inside but heard it’s quiet)

Below are some pictures of my room but feel free to ask questions.


  • Between District Market and Local Point (foods!!!)
  • Next to the Bus Stop (372,65,75,49,70)
  • 3 study rooms and 2 lounges on each floor
  • Theater and huge meeting rooms on 1st floor


  • 1 kitchen for 7 floors (Same problem in Elm and Poplar)
  • No parking spaces (annoying for visitors/ moving)

Our room

My side of the room

Roomie’s side

Fridge & Tea


Utensil & Games 






Beyond Cup Noodles



My Favorite noodles.


Egg in the microwave

  1. Pour oil (about 1 tsb) onto a plate/bowl
  2. Crack an egg and poke the yolk with a fork several times
  3. Microwave for 30-45 seconds.

Steamed broccoli

  1. Wash and cut broccoli.
  2. Put broccoli and water in a bowl.
  3. Microwave for 4-5 min.

Want something more challenging? Here are some of my favorite chefs. Make sure to check out their other recipes too.

* My guilty pleasure is Kraft Macaroni & Cheese even though it is so unhealthy. So no judgement.

Don’t be CLUE-less


The picture above perfectly described me throughout Winter Quarter. I thought I knew what I was doing but I had been studying blindly.

People. Seriously take advantage of your resources.

Go to the UW CLUE Center. They have tutoring but I highly recommend going to the study session for your class. For Psych 202, I was constantly scoring below average for my midterms. Every time I saw my test score, I felt my confidence drop to the ground. I seriously thought that I wasn’t cut out for the class or even UW.

Something needed to change. So, I decided that I needed to change how I study. Instead of trying to squeeze the textbook into my head, I went to clue sessions and finished the worksheets. Many of the questions from the worksheet were on the actual midterm. The professors have the students’ best interest in mind and they try their best to give us the tools we need to success. USE IT.

Confessions of a procrastinator

I’ll write this tomorrow.

Just Kidding.


I do realize that I have a huge procrastination problem whenever I have deadlines and exams.

For the productive people out there: You go glen coco!

For the other procrastinators: Read, laugh,, but learn from my guilty actions.

  1. In my statistic class, I waited till the LAST DAY to turn in my final assignment. It was a 3 month project that I barely finished in 2 all-nighters. It was horrible written and all the calculations were a mess. When I went to print it the morning of the due date, the printer was broken. I had to run across campus and back to the math building to print.  I felt like I was in a survival movie. 10/10 would not recommend.
  2. I waited till AN HOUR before an important essay was due to start. I thought that I was skilled enough because I always made deadlines. Turns out that assignment was the beginning of a late assignment black hole of despair. Do not overestimate your abilities.
  3. I put off coding for my computer science class and went into the midterm completely confused. It was quite a site watching me try to make up random incomprehensible lines of code. I actually really cared about the class but I let procrastination get the best of me. To make matters worst, I spend several weeks worrying about studying without studying! Sometime, just starting can end the procrastination spiral.

I have more examples, but I want to end on a good note. Next quarter, I will strive to be on top of all my class and report my progress on the blog.

Creative Gifts

I like gifting presents and creating projects. Many of my creations are presents for my boyfriend but I wanted to share some to spark ideas for others. The first one I want to share is a framed computer part with a punny quote. (For our 5 years anniversary).


I initially wanted to frame a computer patent because he’s a computer science major but didn’t like any of the ones I found and it didn’t seem personal enough.

I knew I wanted to incorporate keyboard keys because I had an old broken keyboard laying around. So in the end, I combined the computer part idea and used keys for the quote.

I like to believe I am funny and good at making puns. Here are some of my rejected idea:

  • “You’re always on my Ram” (get it? mind–> memory–> ram!…it was scratched off because my sister said it sounded sexual)

  • “You’re aMOUSING” (I was seriously going to frame a computer mouse)

  • “You java me crazy” (Confused? Me too.)

* Tips if you pursue this project.

  1. Use a HOT GLUE gun! I didn’t and ended having to press each key down for 10 minutes and it still fell apart.
  2. Google the background and print in black/white. It makes it look cooler plus save money.


Five Studying Tools


Planners are a great tool to keep track of homework and exams. I have been using them for more than 10 school years and I believe they are useful if used consistently. One of the most common mistake when using a planner is planning too much. Only write down what you can achieve that day so that you are not overwhelm by stress. There are many different style of planners in store and online. If you already have a planner or enjoy planning then I recommend shifting to a bullet journal. It gives me total organization control and an creative outlet.

The journal I use.

Organized Notes.

I appreciate pretty notes and it motivates me to actually look back and review them. The strategy I use is a simplified Cornell notes. I divide the page into 2 section (one small for the topic, one larger for the notes). This makes it easier to go back to the topic I want to study. I also like color coding. DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF HIGHLIGHTING EVERYTHING.

Seriously. Don’t fall into that trap.

Invest in nice highlighters and pen to mark key terms and color your visual diagrams.

Awesome pens


Active recalling of information will change your memorization game. Use an app or note cards to review.


Practice, practice, practice. With science and math topics, the only strategy that has actually worked for me is practicing. There is no magic formula to get all the information inside your head. Trust me. I’ve tried sleeping with my notebook under my pillow– when that obviously did not work I went was low was praying to the snow god to cancel my midterms. (This worked ONCE so maybe I  do have special powers…but you probably don’t so get to work!)



I am probably the most indecisive person ever when it comes to picking a major.

I’ve literally tried everything! Pre-med, nursing, pharmacy, business, engineering, art, design and even CS.  All my friends seemed to have their life figured out and were interning at a big company or working on amazing projects. Everyone I talked to seemed to have a passion while I felt “meh” about every topic. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely tried to like my classes and received good grades in them but I just didn’t feel a spark. My parents were the total opposite of “tiger parents” so I had total control over what I wanted to study–though sometime I wished somebody would just decide for me. If anyone is feeling lost right now, its completely okay. TRUST ME.

After a few quarters at the University of Washington, I am getting a better picture of what I want to pursue. I am currently studying Finance and Information Systems and going to apply for Human Centered Design and Engineering / Informatics in the Spring. I chose those topics after taking their intro classes and talking to friends in those majors. I do not think I am super talented or smart (maybe a bit crazy) but I will try my best to earn a dual degree. 😀